About Last Night

The Four of us part 5

People always say a lot of bad things happen for good. Though I agreed with them, I never experienced the perfection of that statement till that Valentines week.

I’d dragged myself the rest of the way back to my room, taken some paracetamol, and laid on the bed. I couldn’t sleep though – my face hurt, my ribs felt fucked, I couldn’t feel my thigh, and obviously, there was the headache. Even after bathing twice, my whole skin still felt on fire and I just rolled back and forth on the bed in agony. When hours later, I eventually fell asleep, I just hated myself because I knew there was nothing I could do in retaliation to him. I couldn’t fight him and I didn’t have a gang. I also decided not to tell Maria or anyone who it was. I would just wake up in the morning and nurse my wounds.

“Mel!” Bang! Bang! Bang! “Meeeeeellll!” It was Maria at the door again. It was noon again and I was hungover again from too much of another kind of punches than the last time (If you know what I mean). I didn’t know how long she’d been out there, but it felt like if I didn’t get the door that instant, she’d break it down — and repair costs for things like that are stupid high so… I couldn’t have that.

“Mel, you are mad!” she yelled at my back as she barged in as soon as I’d turned the key. I’d turned away from her and faced the bathroom.

“Yeah,” I replied, stepping into the bathroom and chuckling even before I asked “Hey. How many sets of knockers do you have?”

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“Fucking idiot!” She was still yelling. “Do you know how long I’d been knocking? Why did you even turn off your phone? I’ve been trying to reach you! You’ll just be doing like mumu all the time. Why were you even sleeping like that? Were you drunk? Were you high? What’re you even doing there? there’s no sound!”

“I can’t pee while you’re talking.”

“Fuck you Mel! Abeg, come out of there joor! Let’s talk. Abigail is on her way oo. I told her you might be dead, so… Hehe. Yeah.”

I stepped out of the bathroom, and I must have looked like shit, because she gasped as soon as she saw me and jumped from the chair, grabbing and guiding me gently into it like I couldn’t walk by myself.

“What happened to you?” She whispered, which was a pleasant change from all of her yelling. She knelt in front of me and was touching me all over everywhere that even had a different colour from my normal skin tone. Her eyes were more open than I’d ever seen them before (slightly wider than half closed). I winced when she touched somewhere tender.

“Long story.”

“Start telling it then.”

“Uh… I think I’d rather not.”

She shot me a look that didn’t require words for me to get the message, and went to the the kitchen.

“Okay, fine.” I said, “Why are you even in the kitchen?”

“Remain in that chair and shut up!”

“Okay.” I said, and kept quiet.

“Tell the story! Mumu!”

Five minutes later, I’d finished my story and she was dabbing at my face with a towel soaked with hot water. It hurt like a bitch and I handled it like one too.

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“Stop acting like a bitch joor.” Maria would say “It’s not even hot.”

“I hate you.” I would reply.

Abigail was with Sandra when she was called to come over and try to resurrect me, so they came together. Do I need to describe their reaction? Do I also need to say that I had to tell the story all over again?

I was bombarded with questions from the two girls. Where? When? How? Why? How many? Did they…? Were you…? You didn’t see their faces?

“Whose faces?” Jenny asked, stepping into the room, hot as stuff. Yeah, Maria called her too telling her to “hurry over, something happened to Mel.”

And yeah, I had to tell the story again.

Just like Maria, she Jennifer had no questions. She just stepped up to where I was sitting and put her arms around me, wrapping me in the warmest hug I’d ever been in. Since I was sitting down, she was pressing my face into chest.

“It’s okay.” She whispered softly.
I didn’t know why then and I still don’t, but right there, I totally felt like crying. By then, they were the least people I felt shy in front of but I still didn’t want them to see me that way, so I kept my eyes closed and and just went limp, allowing myself to be smothered.

One by one, the other girls got up and also joined us. I don’t even know how they managed it, but they were all hugging me and each other, covering me in plush softness and warmness.

Heaven had come down to Earth and I was in it.

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The five of us spent the whole day together, eating watching movies, talking, joking around, and just having as much fun as we could. Jennifer tried to teach Sandra how to twerk and how much she (Sandra) tried, she was moving her back instead of her ass. It was awesome.

I didn’t even know I was falling asleep until I did.


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