A Time In Life

A Time In Life

Time:in a second,minute, years,moment,people fall in or out of love 
In a second, life is birth,you hear the Conqueror’s cry of a baby 
Yet in a second life is snuffed out, you hear the painful cry of the bereaved(doesnt matter if he or was ill or not) 

In a day,hour,minutes,secs ,one becomes wealthy or loses wealth 
Still one may toil for years before he or she catches a glimpse of wealth 
In a matter of time, relationships are built or destroyed, homes made or broken.

A Time In Life

Trust is built yet a moment there trust is broken,
In time,everything that was, is and everything that was,is.
Time is the CURRENCY for life
You have TIME, you have LIFE
SEEK the one who holds TIME
FIND the ONE who orders the seasons 
Find the one who regulates the rising and fall of the Ocean tides 
Find HIM, Find TIME, get LIFE.

Written and composed by BlackRose



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